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KPCC/LAist Membership

How important are Members?
Member support makes up the majority of funding for LAist (formerly KPCC). Listeners like you provide the financial resources needed to broadcast and stream the local journalism and programs you value on LAist 89.3. It is not an exaggeration when we say, YOU make LAist possible!

I'm a Sustaining Member and I want to update my payment information. Where can I do that?
You can update your credit card right here. Or you can update your bank information by switching to monthly giving from your bank account (which means more of your gift supports the programs you love) here.

As a Sustaining Member, does my membership automatically renew every year?
Yes. Sustaining Membership is an ongoing monthly membership that does not expire until you decide to change it. You can change or cancel your membership anytime.

I'm a Sustaining Member - Can I get a thank-you gift each year?
Of course! Just contact us with the gift you’d like at or 626-583-5121.

How long will it take for my thank-you gift to arrive?
You should expect to receive your thank-you gift 6-8 weeks after making your contribution or requesting it from Member & Audience Services.

Is my gift to KPCC/LAist tax-deductible?
Absolutely! LAist is part of Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and our EIN / Federal Tax ID is: 95-4765734. We are a non-profit, public service, so your contribution to is tax-deductible after subtracting the value of any thank-you gifts you received this year.

Why should I become a Sustaining Member?
Sustaining Membership benefits both you and the station. It’s the most efficient and effective way to give, and it helps build a powerful base of support for LAist, allowing us to better plan our programming for the future. It also helps LAist reduce the time and money spent on administrative costs, so more of your donation can be spent on programming and news.

Why should I switch my sustaining membership to my bank account?
Giving via your bank account is the best way to give! It helps LAist save on the $230,000 spent each year for debit and credit card processing fees, and it’s easier for you too! You never have to worry about updating your card when it changes. You can still adjust or cancel your sustaining membership at any time.

Is giving via bank account secure?
Yes! We take the security of your information very seriously. We use a secure payment processor and follow strict national guidelines (NACHA) for all auto-payment services (just like those followed when you sign up for autopay for your utility bills.) All bank details submitted to us are encrypted and replaced with a 17-digit code in our payment processor, so your actual bank number is never used or stored on our servers.

I already give on my debit card—is that the same as giving via bank account?
No, debit cards are actually processed the same way as credit cards, so we are still charged processing fees each time they’re charged. But if you switch to giving directly from your bank account, more of your donation can be used to fund the programming you value, not on administrative fees!

I just switched to giving via bank account. When will my first payment be taken out?
Thank you for making the switch! Please allow 4-6 weeks for your payment method to be updated to your bank account. Your donation will come out of your account on or around the 20th of each month, though it may be a few days earlier or later depending on your bank.

How do I change or cancel my membership?
Contact our Membership team at or 626-583-5121. We're happy to help!

I’d like a record of my annual contributions for tax purposes. How do I request one?
At the end of each January, we send all members an email with their end of the year tax summary.

I’d like to enter LAist sweepstakes and giveaways. How do I do this if I’m already contributing monthly?
Sustaining Members are given access in advance to enter all our sweepstakes and giveaways! Just keep an eye out for an email from us before each Member Drive.

Become a Sustaining Member or call Membership at 626-583-5121.
Find out more about Planned Giving opportunities.