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'Birds of Prey' Gets A Quick Second Life

Published March 24, 2020 at 1:04 PM PDT
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Director Cathy Yan (R) on the set of "Birds of Prey" with actress Margot Robbie (L).
Claudette Barius
Director Cathy Yan (R) on the set of "Birds of Prey" with actress Margot Robbie (L).

On today's show:

From Theaters To VOD In Record Time

Cathy Yan is the director of the Harley Quinn movie, "Birds of Prey," starring Margot Robbie. In a time when theaters are closed, Warner Bros has rushed to make the movie available on demand to reach audiences at home. Yan talks about that with John Horn and how she hopes it will provide some entertainment and a diversion for people stuck at home worried about the coronavirus. She and John also discuss her response to the anti-Chinese sentiment in some circles these days. Yan shares that she was anxious to leave her home with a mask on recently for fear of being targeted.

Let The Games Begin! (Next Year)

With this summer's Olympics officially postponed, John talks with Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg News about what it means for NBC, both financially and from a programming standpoint.

What About The Funny People?

As the lights have gone out at live venues around the world, that loss of work has hit a lot of people hard, including stand-up comics. The Frame contributor Tim Greiving reports on how “social distancing” is affecting the people who make us laugh.

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