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Comedian Doug Lussenhop, aka DJ Douggpound, gives stand-up a remix

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Comedian Doug Lussenhop
Doug Lussenhop
Comedian Doug Lussenhop

Doug Lussenhop helped create a distinct style of absurd musical breaks and sound effects on a couple of TV shows. He brings that style to his stand-up act.

Doug Lussenhop is not a fan of the standard joke that involves a set-up and punch line: "I just don't like comedy that's so obvious," he says. "Setting a different mood that you haven't seen before is kind of what I've been interested in lately."

Lussenhop is a stand-up comedian and has edited for Adult Swim's "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" and IFC's "Portlandia,"and he helped create the distinct style of absurd musical breaks and sound effects on those shows.

Lussenhop doesn't know why he's attracted to this kind of humor, but says "It's just something about it that throws you off in a certain way that's delightful." In his stand-up routine, Lussenhop incorporates his unique taste for strange sound effects and music and combines these elements into a bizarre yet refreshing show. He goes by the name of DJ Douggpound.

When Lussenhop first got into stand-up, he had a standard routine that included jokes with a punchline. "Some of the jokes were good," he says, "but it felt like I wasn't doing anything new." Lussenhop used to be a DJ and decided to use some of his equipment in his stand-up set. He would start to tell a joke and suddenly cut himself off with "Arms Wide Open" by the band Creed.

Lussenhop doesn't know what to expect when it comes to audience reaction, but he says that if a joke doesn't work, "I actually have a laugh track, so I always do great whether my jokes do good or not. I always get the laughs one way or the other." 

Doug Lussenhop, aka DJ Douggpound, performs at Riot LA festival this weekend.

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