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California Lawmakers Look At How to Reform the Police, The OC Update, On The Lot

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Stock image; LAPD bomb squad vehicle.
Photo by Lord Jim via Flickr Creative Commons
Stock image; LAPD bomb squad vehicle.

Police Reform Bills 

With just days before the end of the legislative session, state lawmakers in California have several bills before them that would enact police reforms. But Politico's Jeremy White talks about the fate of those bills and the amount of political will to get them passed.


  • Jeremy White, Politico Reporter

Rabbit Disease

Now, humans aren't the only mammals in the state battling a deadly disease right now - something called Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, also known as RHD, has been affecting the local rabbit population. Over the past few months, it’s been found in wild rabbits all over Southern California, from Los Angeles County's Antelope Valley to San Gabriel Mountains, down in Orange and out east in San Bernardino Counties. We discuss the impact RHD is having on the state’s wildlife — as well as domesticated pets. 


  • Emma Lantz, Wildlife Veterinarian at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The OC Update

We head down to Orange County - one of a handful of California counties that have been taken off the state watchlist for the coronavirus.


  • Nick Gerda, Reporter for the Voice of OC

School Waivers

In Orange County more than 40 schools have gotten permission to re-open for in-person classes. Some already have kids in the classroom. We check into how these schools are handling different protocols. 


  • Carla Javier, KPCC's Early Childhood Education Reporter 

On The Lot

We discuss the global rollout of "Tenet", conflict over changes to the SAG-AFTRA healthcare and a battle among talent agencies unlike ever before.


  • Rebecca Keegan,  Hollywood Reporter's Senior Film Editor

Nick Quah

Nick Quah is the host of Servant of Pod ... the LAist Studios podcasts about podcasts….and this week he’s going to introduce us to the wacky world of a more idiosyncratic indie podcast called Richard's Famous Foods Podcast. 

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