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Wildlife Corridor Over The 101, Climate Change and Wine, West Hollywood Changes

Published August 20, 2019 at 3:20 PM PDT
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P22 walks by one of Miguel Ordeñana's wildlife cameras in the daylight.
Miguel Ordeñana
P22 walks by one of Miguel Ordeñana's wildlife cameras in the daylight.

101 Wildlife Crossing

Transportation officials and conservationists will build a mostly privately funded wildlife crossing over the 101 freeway. The $87 million bridge entered its final design phase last month.


  • Beth Pratt, Executive Director of the California Regional Center for the Wildlife Federation

Villanueva Update

A judge on Monday overturned LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s controversial decision to reinstate a deputy who had been fired for violating department policies on domestic violence and lying — a dispute that sparked a rare legal battle among some of L.A. County’s most powerful elected officials.


  • Matt Stiles, Los Angeles Times reporter

Climate Change & Wine

Climate change is forcing some California winemakers to reconsider the classics, like cabernet. Take Two finds out more about what the alternative varieties could be in the future.


  • Dan Petroski, vintner 


Los Angeles Magazine's September issue features an investigative story about how Los Angeles officials have allowed Waze, the ubiquitous Google-owned traffic app and its thousands of volunteer “editors" to essentially play SimCity with actual cities. The story's author,  reports that Waze’s amateur editors are setting L.A transportation policy with no oversight from the city’s official Department of Transportation. 


  • Jonathan Littman, Los Angeles Magazine

Adam Ruins Everything 

L.A.-based comedian Adam Conover is the creator, host and writer of the TruTV hit, "Adam Ruins Everything," where he uses his one-of-a-kind brand of investigative comedy to alert the masses to common misconceptions.


  • Adam Conover, Comedian and host of "Adam Ruins Everything"

WeHo Changes

There are neighborhoods around California that have become homes for the gay community: The Castro in San Francisco, Hillcrest in San Diego, and West Hollywood. Development, gentrification and rising housing prices have changed many of these places. As part of our California Dream collaboration, Cal Matters Elizabeth Aguilera looks at how West Hollywood is holding on to its gay residents.

Great Park Balloon in Irvine

A global shortage of helium and rising operations may force Irvine to permanently deflate its famous and beloved Great Park balloon...unless the park can find sponsorship. 

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