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Los Angeles Sues FAA, Crips And Bloods Talk Peace, The Hills Returns To MTV

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File photo of a Southwest Airlines plane docked at LAX.
Photo by Aero Icarus
File photo of a Southwest Airlines plane docked at LAX.

We talk to Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer about his new lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration. Plus, the crips and bloods gangs are in peace talks. And, The Hills returns to MTV.

City of L.A. Sues Federal Aviation Administration

If you live in West Adams or mid city, you might be hearing something new for the area -- airplane noise. That's because the Federal Aviation Administration recently introduced new routes into Los Angeles International Airport. And it did so without public comment. So LA is suing.


  • Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Attorney

NCAA Sports 

College teams generate millions of dollars in revenue for their schools. In return, the student-athletes on those teams get scholarships, money for books, room and board but they can't get paid outside of school expenses. Now state lawmakers want to make it possible for student-athletes at California schools to profit off their fame as players. The NCAA has opposed the bill, but it's moving forward in the state legislature. It passed an Assembly's committee today, so we wanted to hear from one of its co-authors.


  • California State Senator Steven Bradford represents the 35th district, which includes parts of Inglewood and the area around the Port of Los Angeles

Culver City Rents

Last night, its city council moved forward with enacting a rent freeze. The council's five members stayed up until ONE this morning, and ultimately voted 4 to 1 to move forward on a rent cap of 3 percent. City Council Member Alex Fisch says the council will be working with an appointed commission of landlords and renters to find a solution in the coming year.


  • Alex Fisch, City Council Member

Crips and Bloods Peace Talks

Throughout history, finding any level of peace in areas of war or conflict has been difficult. Achieving common ground seems to always be the hardest hurdle to get over, and until that happens, nothing really gets accomplished. But every once in a while, something does happen -- a tragedy usually—something that hurts so much and cuts so deep that both sides stop for a minute to take stock. Here in L.A., one of the longest-running and deadliest feuds has been between rival gangs the Bloods and Crips. But the shooting death of rapper Nipsey Hussle three months ago may be the violent tragedy that could one day lead to peace between the two.


  • Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times


We return to a story we first brought you on Monday. We heard about a young woman struggling with severe mental illness as she cycles in and out of the criminal justice system. Her name is Julie. Her mom wants her conserved, which means she basically wants to give the county authority to make decisions for Julie. But that's a fraught choice that creates a lot of debate. KPCC's Alyssa Jeong Perry has been following her story.

Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties

Few criminal masterminds are more intriguing than Charles Manson. In the summer of 1969, the cult leader convinced his followers to kill nine people. And in the years since, countless movies, books and memoirs have cashed in on the Manson fascination. But just when we thought every possible angle had been exhausted, every theory scrutinized, journalist Tom O'Neill promises to shed new light on the Manson murders. He came to Los Angeles in 1999 to write a magazine assignment on Manson. Well, that transformed into a 20-year investigation, culminating in his new book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties.


  • Tom O'Neill, Chaos author

The Hills Reboot

Last night, the reboot of the 2006 MTV show “The Hills” premiered. But how representative is the new show of 2019 Los Angeles? Spoiler alert: Not very.


  • Brooks Barnes, New York Times

A Very California Playlist

While on the subject of The Hills, lets take a minute to remember the drama "The O.C." and really, it's theme song:

The editor of the New York Times' "California Today" also shares love for the song and wrote today that her team has added it to THEIR playlist. You can listen here.

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