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LA Sheriff's Deputy Carl Mandoyan, soul food, what students taught their teachers

Published January 29, 2019 at 6:43 AM PST
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The L.A. County Supervisors meet today and will consider the reinstatement of Sheriff's Deputy Carl Mandoyan. Plus, we visit the soul food restaurant My Two Cents. And we speak with teachers about the lessons they've learned from their students.

Paramount Ranch after the Woolsey fire

( Starts at 1:15 ) 

The government shutdown is over— for now—but some areas are still feeling the effects. National Park lands are still trying to clean up after being shut down for weeks. Paramount Ranch is a park area in the Santa Monica Mountains know for being a filming location for Western movies and T.V. shows. Paramount Ranch was devastated by the Woolsey Fire and then came the government shutdown... park employees were furloughed and couldn't start rebuilding. Now they're back on the job and working to recover from the fire. Tuesday morning we took a trip out to see how things are looking.


  • Kate Kuykendall, National Park Service

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L.A. County Supervisors and Deputy Mandoyan

( Starts at 17:20 ) 

The L.A. County Supervisors are expected to vote on Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s reinstatement of a controversial Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Mandoyan. But what power does the Board of Supervisors have when it comes to staffing in the Sheriff’s Department?


  • Frank Stoltze, KPCC’s criminal justice reporter

Cannabis Summit

( Starts at 24:15 ) 

The sale of recreational marijuana has been legal in California for a little more than a year, but the rollout has hardly been smooth. There are still a lot of concerns around black market sales, taxation levels for the legal stuff and the accurate measurement of THC levels. And a lot of those concerns are being addressed in L.A. this week as part of the North American Cannabis Summit.


  • Rosalie Pacula, senior economist and co-director of the drug policy research center at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica

Soul Food in LA

( Starts at 31:59 ) 

Soul food gets a bit of a bad rap in SoCal. Its association with Southern comfort food leads many to think of it as unhealthy, heavy, and off limits to those with dietary restrictions. But one L.A. restaurant aims to change that perception, putting a healthy spin on classic southern dishes. A Martinez ventures to My Two Cents.


  • Jay Connor, contributor

Chicken and mac and cheese at Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood. (Photo by Jay Connor for LAist)
Jay Connor/LAist
Chicken and mac and cheese at Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood. (Photo by Jay Connor for LAist)

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Hear in SoCal: Santa Anita

( Starts at 46:57 ) 

Continuing with our series of sounds in Southern California, we visit Santa Anita Race Track on race day. Open since 1934, the track has attracted the likes of Hollywood legends and has been immortalized by the win of legendary racehorse Seabiscuit. The pride of Arcadia, the track has come to symbolize tradition and luxury, but what else does the track bring to Southern California?

Racehorse “Rojo” getting congrats from spectators at the outside of the winner's circle.
KPCC/Tamika Adams
Racehorse “Rojo” getting congrats from spectators at the outside of the winner's circle.

What my students taught me

( Starts at 41:42 ) 

We all know educators have a lot to share with their students, but sometimes teaching can be a two-way street. There's a podcast called "What My Students Taught Me" that's exploring that idea. It's created by the Teacher Project, an education reporting fellowship at Columbia Journalism School. Over the next three days we'll hear from three very different Los Angeles teachers on valuable lessons they learned from their students. We start with a story from English teacher Hazel Witham at Venice High School.

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