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Happy Voter Registration day, meet the judges running for office number four, climate change in the National Parks

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Happy Voter Registration day!

(Starts at 1:49)

All over the L.A. area today there are ongoing efforts to galvanize folks to vote. Secretary of State Alex Padilla will be in Sun Valley talking to high school students, the hip-hop artist Common will join the ACLU to register eligible inmates in the county jail system and UCLA launches its new online tool to help students register. But how are we doing so far? Voter turnout hasn't always been so great in non-presidential are we getting more motivated?


  • Paul Mitchell, Vice President of the data collection agency Political Data Inc

Meet the Judges

(Starts at 10:47)

A lot of important stuff will show up on voter ballots this November. But it seems like one of the most important races to in LA County also happens to be one that we hear about the least. That's the race for LA Superior Court Judge. This November, eight candidates will vie for just four open spots on the bench. The winners will serve six-year terms, and preside over matters both civil and criminal. From family law to felonies. KPCC has spoken to all candidates, asking each the same questions. Every day this week we'll hear from two. We start with the candidates running for office number four, first Veronica Sauceda:

Followed by Alfred Coletta.

(Starts at 16:04)

LA Archdiocese Immigrant Charity

(Starts at 19:49)

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles has launched an online fundraising drive to help immigrant families separated at the border. We hear more about the effort and how it plans to direct money.


  • Isaac Cuevas, director of the Archdiocese’s Office of Immigration Affairs,

Solar Rentals

(Starts at 24:08)

The LA Department of Water and Power will vote Tuesday on two plans to help low-income residents benefit from solar energy. We explore the effects of each.


  • Emily Guerin, KPCC environmental reporter

More on

National Parks Climate Change

(Starts at 30:36)

A new study from researchers at U.C. Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, has found that climate change has hit National Parks in California and across the country particularly hard. Over the past century, average temperatures in national parks increased at twice the rate as the rest of the nation and yearly rainfall decreased more in national parks than in other regions of the country.


  • Patrick Gonzalez, associate adjunct professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley

Snap the perfect picture AND stay safe in the great outdoors, here are 3 tips

(Starts at 35:53)

In the age of social media, the appreciating the outdoors has come to also mean snapping a few photos to share on Instagram or Facebook. But you have to be careful when getting the perfect shot not to put yourself or the environment around you in danger. And then consider how lots of posts can affect the crowds at certain spots. Here are some tips to staying safe:

  • Know where you're headed. Do more than a quick online search to make sure you know the location of the trailhead you're looking for and the difficulty of the hike ahead.
  • Never go off trail. It seems obvious but even heading slightly off the path could hurt you and the environment around you.
  • If you're tired of the crowds, find a new spot. Not every hike is as crowded as Eaton Canyon or Switzer Falls, the L.A. area has plenty of great trails to offer.


  • Casey Schreiner,

Tuesday Reviewsday

(Starts at 42:32)

If you're looking for something hot to warm you up on this cool fall Tuesday, look no further than Amigos Con Derechos, by REIK & Maluma:


  • Justino Aguila, Billboard magazine
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