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LAUSD goes back to school, CA fire update, remembering Room 8

Published August 13, 2018 at 5:00 AM PDT
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L.A. Unified School District is back in action this week. We check in with KPCC's education reporter to see what changes —and challenges — are in store now that Austin Beutner is superintendent. Plus, California's fire season is in full swing; we get the latest updates. 

Holy Fire Update

(Starts at 1:27)

The tides are turning for those fighting the Holy Fire in Orange County. It's scorched at least 22,000 acres so far and it's just over half contained. We get an update on the Holy Fire's status.


  • Thanh Nguyen, with an interagency management team assigned to the fire

First Day of School

(Starts at 6:42)

The Los Angeles Unified School District is back in session on Tuesday. But as students head back to classes the district still faces a lot of questions with unions, budgets and board seats.


  • Kyle Stokes, KPCC Education Reporter

Metro Safety

(Starts at 16:01)

Last May, a Boyle Heights man was hit by a Gold Line train, amputating both of his legs. He is now suing L.A. Metro alleging that the accident could have been prevented. We explore potential safety strategies and what's worked for train agencies here and abroad.


  • Sarah Kaufman, assistant director at NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation

LAPD Money

(Starts at 21:50)

Michel Moore became the new Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department in June. He'd been with the department for over 30 years and he'd also recently retired for a short period. And he received a retirement payment of almost 1.3 million dollars. So how was Moore able to get that retirement money and then come back to run the department?


  • Jack Dolan, writer who broke the story for the L.A. Times.

2018...they year documentaries became the real box office winners

(Starts at 30:29)

"The Meg" takes the box office, but documentaries are the real winners so far this year.

Plus, a media mogul writes a song about sexual harassment and it’s not about the victims but about the offenders.


  •  John Horn, host of  The Frame

Scooter Update 

(Starts at 39:26)

Electric scooters continue to be a popular but contentious form of transportation. Now many local cities are moving to regulate the technology in hopes of making the devices a useful mode of transportation.


  •  Meghan McCarty Carino, KPCC's commuting and mobility reporter

Room 8, that cat that adopted a school

(Starts at 44:23)

In 1952, a domestic shorthair wandered into a classroom at Elysian Heights elementary school and never really left. Room 8 was a cat unlike any other who changed the school and the city forever. Which is why today, on the 50th anniversary of his death, we remember him. 

Press Clippings and a painting of Room 8 line the halls at Elysian Heights Elementary School.
KPCC/Lori Galarreta
Press Clippings and a painting of Room 8 line the halls at Elysian Heights Elementary School.

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