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Police transparency, affordable housing in Pasadena, trekking through LA—one park at a time

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The scene near Trader Joe's in Silver Lake on Saturday, July 21, 2018.
James Kim / KPCC
The scene near Trader Joe's in Silver Lake on Saturday, July 21, 2018.

Police Transparency 

(Starts at 1:33)

27-year old store manager Melyda Corado was killed when LAPD officers exchanged fire with a car chase suspect. At a press conference Tuesday, the new LAPD chief Michel Moore revealed that Corado was hit by a police bullet. He also shared body camera footage from the officers involved in the shooting. The video release is an unusual move on the part of the department which, in the past, faced scrutiny for lack of transparency.


  • Jim Newton, formerly of the LA Times and he's now a lecturer in public policy at UCLA

Family Reunification

(Starts at 8:39)

The Trump administration has until tomorrow to meet a court-imposed deadline to reunite families separated when they crossed the US border this Spring. In June, judge Dana Sabraw ordered that children under 5 be reunited with their family members. Thursday's deadline focuses on older kids. So, where do things stand as of now?


  • Leslie Berestein Rojas, KPCC reporter

Early Childhood Enrollment

(Starts at 23:20)

Seventy-one percent of 4-year-olds in L.A. County are enrolled in a licensed center or school setting. But access to those programs vary wildly in L.A. and across the state, according to a new study from UC Berkeley. We get a breakdown of the findings.


  • Priska Neely, KPCC early childhood development reporter 

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Affordable housing in Pasadena

(Starts at 17:09)

Pasadena is exploring the idea of converting hotels/motels into affordable housing. It's not the first time the city has looked into housing solutions. Back in 2009 the City Council created a department of housing to create, finish and promote affordable housing projects.


  • Bill Huang, Pasadena housing department's  director for almost a decade

Iranian LA

(Starta at 27:18)

President Trump and Iranian government leaders continued a heated twitter exchange last night. The two nations began trading threatening messages warning the other away from aggression on Sunday. The same evening Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the Iranian American community in Southern California. SoCal is home to the largest Iranian community outside of Iran. We spoke with a local radio host about the developing tensions with the White House.


  • Siamak Kalhor, host on KIRN 670 AM, Radio Iran which broadcasts out of Simi Valley

When strikeouts are encouraged

(Starts at 32:27)

It used to be not so long ago when this was one of the worst things someone could hear on a baseball field. The strikeout, a term that's used to illustrate total and complete failure. But for Major League Baseball hitters in 2018, there is no shame in striking out, in fact it's almost encouraged.


  • Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, Take Two sports contributors

Parks and Trek

(Starts at 41:17)

This summer we're starting a new series about getting outdoors called "Parks and Trek". For our first adventure, we didn't have to travel far from our Pasadena studios. Arlington Gardens is a three-acre green space just blocks away from KPCC. Arlington is a Mediterranean garden because Southern California has a Mediterranean-type climate. The plants at Arlington are specially selected from different regions with that type of weather.


  •  Mayita Dinos, Garden designer
  • Leigh Talmo, head gardener 

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