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California democrats endorse De León, Native American tribes clashing with UC's, the ongoing 710 battle

Published July 16, 2018 at 6:58 AM PDT
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CA Dems endorse De León

(Starts at 1:30)

State senator Kevin de Leon's senate bid got a powerful endorsement this weekend... from the California Democratic Party. The nod came during an executive board meeting in Oakland. The vote has been called a snub to veteran senator Dianne Feinstein, who's hoping to lock down a fifth term. But the decision might seem strange to some: in the primary last month, Feinstein won 44 percent of the vote. Kevin de León received just 12. The endorsement now grants De León's campaign valuable access to email lists and federal campaign cash.


  • Eric Bauman, Chair of the California Democratic Party

Separated families

(Starts at 6:42)

On Friday evening, the federal government filed a plan to reunite the roughly 2,500 remaining children ages 5 to 17 and their parents who were separated at the border. A federal judge in San Diego who ruled last month that the government must return these children to their parents will review those plans in a hearing this morning. The plan's goal is to process about 200 children age 5 and older per day and to speed up verifying parent-child relationships. 


  • Leslie Berestein Rojas, KPCC immigration and emerging communities reporter

OC's Emergency Center may not survive an actual emergency

(Starts at 12:04)

Orange County's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) sits atop Loma Ridge. In the event of a regional disaster, the EOC floods with hundreds of staff and transforms into the county emergency relief headquarters. But according to a recent OC Grand Jury report, the emergency center itself may not survive an actual emergency.


  • Anthony Pignataro, writer at OC Weekly

Native American Tribes clashing with UC institutions

(Starts at 17:47)

For years, Native American tribes have clashed with UC’s over bones and artifacts of their ancestors. There are laws in place requiring federally funded museums to list remains in their collections, and share the list with tribes, who could then make repatriation claims.


Demand for pools is on the rise

(Starts at 24:34)

Pool builders have seen a decline during the drought, but now, business is booming. So why is demand going up and how people can conserve water with their existing pool. 


  • Scott Cohen, pool builder
New pools built in Southern California are smaller, shallower, and more water-friendly. Photo: Scott Green, Green Scene Landscape and Pool
Scott Green, Green Scene Landscape and Pool
New pools built in Southern California are smaller, shallower, and more water-friendly. Photo: Scott Green, Green Scene Landscape and Pool

ScarJo drops out of a controversial role

(Starts at 31:37)

Scarlett Johansson drops out of her controversial role, Sacha Baron Cohen is up to his old tricks and the woman who got herself two Emmy nominations by buying a $6,000 billboard on Hollywood Blvd.


  • Rebecca Keegan, Vanity Fair

An exhibit on the ongoing battle surrounding the 710

(Starts at 39:03)

Some battles are long-fought but the back and forth over a proposed expansion of the 710 freeway is like an endless telenovela. A decades-long fight has ensued between the state and the communities over where the freeway extension was supposed to go. It's all captured at an archival exhibit right now called Seven-Ten, Before Present. A Martinez stopped by the installation to chat with Tim Iveson and Julie Tcharfus, the couple behind the project.

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