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LA mourns the loss of Anthony Bourdain, how to stop political texts, Ramadan tacos

Published June 8, 2018 at 9:06 AM PDT
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Anthony Bourdain in "Parts Unknown" explores Los Angeles.

The culinary world is in mourning Friday, following Anthony Bourdain's apparent suicide. L.A. Times food critic Jonathan Gold speaks to us about Bourdain's impact on L.A.'s food scene. Plus, how to stop those political texts during the general election. 

Me Too and the midterm

Just how big of a role did the #MeToo movement play in Tuesday's election? Plus, we'll look at what a path forward looks like for gubernatorial candidate John Cox. The Republican placed second Tuesday behind Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.


  • Marisa Lagos, political reporter for KQED
  • Zach Courser, a visiting professor of government at Claremont McKenna College

Los Angeles mourns Anthony Bourdain

Renowned chef and T.V. personality Anthony Bourdain has passed away. Take Two explores his impact on the local food scene by heralding the city's diverse, immigrant-driven cuisine.


  • Jonathan Gold, L.A. Times Food Critic

OC's Homeless

Orange County officials cleared about 700 homeless people living at an encampment along the Santa Ana River trail earlier this year. And while many of those people were given vouchers for temporary shelter at local motels, others were put into different programs for shelter, counseling, health services and job training. We take a closer look at six of those people and what's happened since they were forced to leave the river.


  • Theresa Walker, Orange County Register reporter 

How are provisional ballots counted?

State and local officials are still demanding answers about why more than 118,000 voters in L.A. County were left off the rosters on election day and want to know what action will be taken to make sure it does not happen again.


  • Mary Plummer, KPCC Politics reporter

Getting rid of those pesky political texts for the general election

During the primary, you may have gotten a lot of incoming text messages on your cell from people saying they're from such-and-such campaign hoping you'd vote for their candidate. We dug into why so many of them came to people in Southern California and if there's a way to stop them. Here's a quick guide:

How did they get my information?

  • There are many different ways, but one is when you volunteered that info when registering to vote. If you indicate your contact info – phone number, email, etc – your local county registrar sends that to the California Secretary of State's database.
  • By state law, that database is accessible to certain parties like campaigns, academics and journalists for non-commercial purposes.

Can I register without giving that information?

  • Absolutely. You do not have to give your phone number as a requirement to vote.

But I'm on a do-not-call list...

  • That list is regulated by the FCC, and it bans any political phone call or text to you that is automated. These recent texts, however, are sent by humans (e.g. "Hi, this is XXXX and I'm a volunteer with this campaign."). That does not violate the FCC's ban.

How can I get my name off the Secretary of State's registry?

  • You can re-register to vote at, but this time do not include your phone number. As an extra precaution, contact your local county's registrar or elections office.


  • KPCC's Leo Duran

Ramadan Tacos

For Muslims around the world, the month of Ramadan is the holiest time of the year. Those who observe the holiday abstain from food and fast every day from morning until sundown. This weekend, Rida Hamida and Ben Vasquez will break their fasts together except Benjamin isn't Muslim and they'll be breaking their fasts with a meal fresh off a taco truck. Rida and Ben are the organizers of A Taco Truck at Every Mosque, an ongoing project to build unity between the Latino and Muslim communities. They started in Orange County a couple years ago and now, they're bringing taco trucks to mosques across the golden state.


  • Rida Hamida and Ben Vasquez, organizers of A Taco Truck at Every Mosque 

Here's what to do this weekend

Marielle Wakim of Los Angeles Magazine and Take Two’s Leo Duran join forces on a “best of” list for things to do this weekend in Southern California. Find the comprehensive list here.

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