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The force is strong with these LA fashion stores

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The latest fashion looks from a galaxy far, far away. Think Princess Leia ankle boots, Obi-Wan hoodies, Hoth ensembles.... you get the idea.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" hits movie theaters across the nation Friday night and a constellation of fashion offerings is coming along with it.

Think Princess Leia ankle boots, Obi-Wan hoodies and whole Hoth inspired ensembles.

Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily checked out the latest looks from a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars and merchandising

Merchandising has always been a big deal for the Star Wars franchise, but now it's going into hyperdrive.

"To get a sense of the enormity of sales in this industry, here's a number: $118 billion," says Tyree. "That's how much the licensing experts at the firm LIMA say came from entertainment/character licensing sales in 2016. And they said Star Wars is the largest franchise in the business. It's truly a force to reckoned with."

The Last Jedi Collaborations

This time around, one of the biggest fashion collabs with the movie has been with designer brand Rag & Bone. It's is known for edgy urban essentials, like cool denim and leather jackets.

Tyree headed down to Rag & Bone in West Hollywood and shared some of the cool stuff they had to offer:

"There were t-shirts, but only a few left because most of them sold out in minutes. Some had Aurebesh — the Star Wars language – on them and included little-hidden secrets for super fans on the hang tags. If you could translate Aurebesh, it took you to a secret fan web site."

But Rag & Bone released a new stock of these t-shirts Friday morning, which you can check it out at their website.

As part of Rag & Bone's Star Wars collection, an outfit inspired by Princess Leia's Hoth outfit.
Michelle Dalton Tyree
As part of Rag & Bone's Star Wars collection, an outfit inspired by Princess Leia's Hoth outfit.

On the more luxurious side, there was a Hoth-inspired ensemble.

"It's a a nod to Princess Leia's look from 'The Empire Strikes Back' when she was on the Planet Hoth," she says. "If you remember she had a posh monochromatic creamy ensemble. The store manager said there were people who stood in line and bought the look head-to-toe the morning the collection debuted so they could wear to the L.A. premiere."

And if you don't want to spend a whole paycheck...

  • For women & girls, there's the Clarks' x Star Wars "Force of Nature" collection. The hot item is the Rey bootie, which is a high-top sneaker/hiking boot hybrid that works well on both the deserts of Jakku or hiking Runyon. And there's a little emblem on the heel symbolizing the resistance.
  • Columbia also harkened back to Empire Strikes Back and collaborated with Harrison Ford on an uber-limited run of parkas, only available in select Columbia stores and each jacket is hand-signed by Ford.
  • And beauty is a big category -- we've seen companies from Storybook Cosmetics to Cargo creating make-up palettes inspired by the Dark and Light sides

May the force be with you!

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