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LA reverses direction on the Playa del Mar road diet

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Vista del Mar in Playa del Mar in April 2014. via Flickr
Vista del Mar in Playa del Mar in April 2014.

The city originally shrunk the road down to two lanes in both directions to cut traffic accidents. But locals complained enough that the city is putting lanes back.

Traffic is the bane of Southern California, the enemy of Los Angeles.

And boy, do we love to hate it.

But drivers in the beachside community of Playa del Rey are especially peeved about some recent changes to a major road.

Last month, the city closed traffic lanes on Vista Del Mar in an effort to reduce speeding and collisions on the street.

Drivers, however, say the changes snarled traffic so bad that they started a campaign to reverse the process.

"There was a lot of understandable anger and frustration over the lane closure," says L.A. city councilman Mike Bonin.

The city backed down today and announced it will soon take out a parking lane to recreate two lanes of traffic in each direction, again.

"This has been an extreme case, but it reflects a reality that is going to be present any time you want to change major thoroughfares," says KPCC's transportation reporter Meghan McCarty Carino. "I'm sure there will be a huge constituent of people that will hate any kind of changes that the city makes to streets."

And that's especially true with the city's campaign Vision Zero, which aims to redesign L.A.'s roads to be more safe for everyone.

Listen to the full interview by clicking the audio player above.

Correction: The article originally stated that a bike lane was added to Vista del Mar, but that is not accurate.

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