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This company is helping California conservatives move... to Texas

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Former congressional candidate Paul Chabot launched the company after losing his Inland Empire race in November. His slogan: "Helping families move right."

Two-time congressional candidate Paul Chabot let go of his political ambitions after losing to incumbent Pete Aguilar in November. 

The "year of the outsider" 2016 may have been, but voters in the Inland Empire ultimately decided that Chabot and his "Terrorist Hunting Permits" were perhaps too outside for their comfort. 

So Chabot has found a new pursuit. Last week, he launched the website Conservative Move. It's a business aimed at helping people leave blue states like California and move places where they might be a little more comfortable — like North Texas, where Chabot and his family moved in January. 

"The purpose of this organization is to help other families create an opportunity where we didn't have much guidance," Chabot says.

After the election, Chabot searched for a community that appeared to uphold the values that he and his family held dear, like safe streets and good schools. Eventually, they decided on McKinney, Texas, a city about 40 miles north of Dallas with a population around 150,000.

Chabot says his move piqued the curiosity of his Facebook friends. This curiosity opened his eyes to a business opportunity.

"So therein came the idea of — why don't we help other people who feel the way we do, providing them some mechanism where they can come to us, and we can at least help guide them in the right direction about how to sell their existing home and how to find a home in a conservative area of this country, starting off first in North Texas, where we are."

Chabot says he doesn't want people to see his company as "divisive," especially in light of last year's bruising election. Instead, he hopes it will spark a conversation.

"We want to be able to express to people that these areas that are conservative have safer streets, better schools, better-paying jobs, lower taxes," Chabot says. "We hope that this doesn't become divisive, but it becomes a bridge that brings more and more people into this camp that loves faith, freedom, family, God, country and apple pie."

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