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The Ride: Google and Uber press ahead on self-driving

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Uber has begun testing self-driving ride hail cars in San Francisco.
Uber has begun testing self-driving ride hail cars in San Francisco.

Google spun off its self-driving car project into a new company called Waymo. And Uber ignores DMV warning, and begins test of autonomous cars in San Francisco.

The robots are coming. And they're behind the wheel.

Every day it seems there's another indication that self-driving cars are quickly becoming a reality.

Just this week, Google announced it was spinning off its autonomous car unit into a company called Waymo. They won't actually makes cars, but will focus on technology–the hardware and software that allows vehicles to navigate without humans behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, Uber launched a small test of self-driving ride hail cars in its home base of San Francisco. A handful of tricked-out Volvo SUV's are picking up passengers, but there are human engineers in the vehicles who can take over if things go awry.

Still, that didn't make the California DMV happy. They put Uber on notice that it was violating regulations, and needs to obtain permits for the autonomous cars. Uber responded that because there were humans in the cars, they don't require permits. The DMV says, sorry Uber, they do.

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