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Syrians in SoCal reflect, Aleppo in social media, how LA's homeless will manage oncoming rain

Published December 15, 2016 at 9:00 AM PST
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Girls carrying school bags provided by UNICEF walk past destroyed buildings on their way home from school on March 7 in the rebel-held al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria. So many people have fled the city and so much of its infrastructure has been destroyed that nighttime satellite images show 97 percent less light there compared with four years ago.

A Syrian mother and daughter reflect on their country's unrest, how social media has become a tool for spreading empathy, LA's homeless shelters prepare for rain.

To many, the unrest in Syria is a world away. But for those of Syrian descent living here in Southern California, it's almost too much to bear.
For the legions of homeless people living in flood-prone areas near riverbeds and freeway overpasses, some storms can be life-threatening.
On Wednesday, president-elect Trump met with 12 Silicon Valley leaders. We explore who was there, who wasn't and what this meeting means for the future of tech.
Google spun off its self-driving car project into a new company called Waymo. And Uber ignores DMV warning, and begins test of autonomous cars in San Francisco.
Jerry Brown gets fired up about climate, Carly Fiorina meets with her former rival, and CA's presidential electors gear up to cast their votes for Hillary Clinton.
"The Breakfast Club," "The Lion King" and more will be preserved by the Library of Congress. But how do you prep a film to be stored so our descendants can watch them, too?
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