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Breaking bread, butting heads: Politics could make Thanksgiving dinner hard to swallow

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One KPCC listener has been dreading political conversations with her family, so Take Two brought in a psychologist to talk her through it.

As loved-ones draw near this Thanksgiving, there may come a temptation to talk politics. If among mixed company, one might find themselves in a tough spot: especially when emotions run high. 

KPCC listener, Sandy Harrison of Malibu, knows that moment all too well. 

Harrison has found herself at odds with her family politically in the past. That's because she voted for Hillary Clinton. Her family voted largely for Donald Trump. 

This week she's with kin in West Virginia. 

Take Two's Alex Cohen called Harrison to talk about how everything's going, and she brought help in the form of licensed psychologist Yvonne Thomas. 

Press the blue play button above to hear the conversation. 

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