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Reading by Moonlight: Ron Arias, Rafael Cardenas and more

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Book tunnel at the Last Bookstore.
James F. Martinez
Book tunnel at the Last Bookstore.

From events at The Last Bookstore to a book of photographs from a beloved Eastside artist, Libros Schmibros founder David Kipen shares his literary picks.

You might have seen the full moon of August on Wednesday night — otherwise known as the Full Sturgeon moon. That's because some Native American tribes believe now marks the time when such fish can most easily be caught.

David Kipen can't help you catch fish, but he can help you catch some of the best books and literary events out there. Here are a few of his highlights:

  • The Last Bookstore in downtown L.A. is commemorating the second issue of Angels Flight Literary West. The event will feature appearances from writers including Chris Morris and Deann Stillman. Click here for more information. 
  • Local writer Ron Arias grew up near Frogtown and went on to write "Road to Tamazunchale." "It's hard to find copies, but a joy when you do," Kipen said. Arias then embarked on 20-year career as journalist. His latest work, "The Wetback and Other Stories" debuts in September.
  • Boyle Heights artist Rafael Cardenas has a new book out. "Mas Aca" is a collection of mostly black and white photographs that captures various scenes from the city.  

To listen to the full interview, click on the blue audio player above.

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