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Tuesday Reviewsday: Angie Stone, Flamingosis and music from The Suicide Squad

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Cover art for The Suicide Squad soundtrack
Cover art for The Suicide Squad soundtrack

Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes join the show for our weekly new music segment, Tuesday Reviewsday.

Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes join the show for our weekly new music segment, Tuesday Reviewsday.

Below are their picks.


  • Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Imagine Dragons (album - Suicide Squad: The Album)

Sucker for Pain - For what it's worth, I thought the movie was good, but perhaps my opinion is skewed by my love for the soundtrack which kept the hype and excitement going in key scenes.  This song is one of the best.

  • Nao (album - For All We Know) 

Trophy (feat. A.K. Paul) - Funky electronic soul from East London.  Tastemakers introduced her.  An apple commercial made her popular and she is back with a full length debut which showcases a gorgeous soprano voice and her ability to body all tempos.

  • Flamingosis (album - Bright Moments)

All Natural feat. Tom Ribbons - Flamingos may or may not be a real symptom.  Aaron Velasquez, the artist known as Flamingosis, however is a real talent and real nice with the beats and loops, especially on this song which features a well placed sample from one of my favorite 90's R&B songs.


  • Frankie Reyes (album - Boleros Valses y Mas)

Flor De Azalea - I love this project so much…Frankie Reyes is the nom de plume of L.A.-based musician Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker and a while back, he was invited to participate in a Latin modernism music performance with the folks over at Dublab. And what Reyes did was to rework classic Mexican and Latin ballads and waltzes using a vintage Oberheim synthesizer. Reyes's arrangements are, apparently, quite loyal to their source material but between the Oberheim's unnatural sound and Reyes's lo-fi production approach, there's something otherworldly, and incredibly haunting about the tunes here. I imagine it being played for someone's quincinera that also happens to land on the Day of the Dead. Gorgeous and ghostly. 

  • Angie Stone (album - Covered In Soul)

These Eyes - This is Angie Stone's 8th studio album and she records an LP of covers alongside producers like Germany's Jurgen Engler who worked on that cover of The Guess Who's 1969 hit, "These Eyes." Maybe it's Engler's influence but it does have a very Euro disco vibe to it; not what you'd expect and it's welcome for that. It's not unusual for older R&B artists to turn in what amounts to a soul songbook album but I think Angie Stone makes really interesting choices here, including covers of Phil Collins' classic "In the Air Tonight" and UB40's "Red Red Wine." It's also interesting to hear Angie's voice hit middle age. It feels rougher here, a bit more worn, but it becomes more interesting as a result compared to the over-processed perfection of most young voices these days. 

  • Lyn Christopher (album: Ladies of Too Slow To Disco)

Take Me With You and  New York Bars - I admit, I was initially drawn to check out this new compilation because of its subtitle: "More Late 70s West Coast Yachtpop You Can Almost Dance To"…which is a mouthful but only semi-accurate since I do think you could do a slow groove to a few of these. But this is the third in the "Too Slow for Disco" series and they finally turn their attention to female artists. What we heard was Lyn Christopher, featuring members of KISS before they were KISS backing her up, from her self-titled 1973 album. You'll also hear some marina funk from Carly Simon, Carole King and the incomparable Brenda Russell with a lovely little groover I had never heard until now: "New York Bars"

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