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Tuesday Reviewsday: Laura Mvula, DJ Shadow and Incognito

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Artist Laura Mvula
Artist Laura Mvula

Every week we get the freshest music for whatever listening device you may use. On tap this week, new picks from Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes. 

Every week we get the freshest music for whatever listening device you may use. On tap this week, new picks from Oliver Wang and Morgan Rhodes. 

Oliver's picks: 

  • Laura Mvula and the new album The Dreaming Room


Mvula is back with her sophomore studio album after electrifying both Morgan and I with her 2013 debut, Sing to the Moon. I feel like this new album continues where she left off: atmospheric, ethereal songs, gilded by Mvula’s distinctive voice. All lovely, just lovely.

  • DJ Shadow from The Mountain Will Fall 


It’s crazy to think that Shadow’s debut album, Endtroducing, came out 20 years ago but here we are. The Mountain Will Fall is his fifth studio album and the first in five years. It is, by far, the most sparse and electronic-dominant album he’s put out and if you trace those 20 years, I feel like every album Shadow’s made has been a gradually stretching away from where he began, with moody, sample-based quasi-instrumental tracks. This is a very cold album, sonically, with a lot of plays of mechanical rhythms and movements…could make for a great soundtrack to a really dystopian sci-fi film. 

  • Enlightenment from Greg Belson’s Divine Disco

Faith Is the Key

Greg Belson is a Los Angeles based DJ originally from the UK who has become one the world’s foremost collectors of gospel soul records. He recently put together this compilation focused on disco-influenced gospel songs from the mid-70s through mid-80s. I think it’s easy to forget that while disco may have seemed like the ultimate in secular decadence, its roots are really far more in a kind of spiritual dance music and it actually makes great sense that disco and gospel would have merged at points in this era. More over, it’s a good reminder that gospel has always absorbed the influences of pop genres around it, in every era. 

Morgan's picks

  • Incognito from In Search of Better Days

Better Days (feat. Vula Mulinga)
Incognito, one of the trailblazers of the acid jazz movement of the late eighties and early nineties is back with their special blend of soul, jazz and electronica and a talented cast of collaborators presenting a perfected sound that will thrill longtime fans and engage new ones.

  •  River Tiber from the album, Indigo

No Talk
Toronto's been representing for a few years with a slew of major talents including DREEZY, and BADBADNOTGOOD, and RIVER TIBER.. What they have in common besides being from THE SIX? A way of marrying beats, rap and vocals that's so seamless you're not sure where one genre begins and one ends.

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