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The meaning behind political slogans, the 'Gayby Baby' documentary, Take Two's Millennial Matters event

Published May 3, 2016 at 8:27 AM PDT
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Reaching out to audiences with a livestream during the Millennial Matters event
Matthew Gush
Reaching out to audiences with a livestream during the Millennial Matters event

What's in a winning political slogan? The documentary exploring 'gayby' babies, our live event on millennials and how they are redefining the American Dream.

Entitled, lazy, tech-obsessed: just some of the labels attached to Millennials. In a Take Two special, host A Martinez busts the myths with those who are living the Gen Y life.
Where's the Beef? We Have HOPE that It's Morning Again in America, so Let's Make a Future to Believe In. Make Article Teases Great Again.
A new study examines what happened to contestants of the "The Biggest Loser," years later. Many gained back the weight along with other health repercussions.
Latin American bangers are on tap this week with new music from Gente de Zona and Alex Anwandter, as talked about by Justino Aguila.
More and more kids are growing up in families with two moms or two dads. The Australian documentary 'Gayby Baby' tells the stories of four kids and their families.
Generation Y is faced with pressures unique to the times. How do they cope? Three Millennials from different backgrounds discuss.
SoCal is one of the worst markets for first-time homebuyers. But millennials can make it work if they're smart and plan early.
Ten years ago Carol Romo's parents were deported after living in the U.S. for over 20 years. At just 16 she had to decide--should she follow her family or stay behind?
Who's doing the best job of appealing to the millennial voting bloc?
Why is Gen Y one of the most active generations in half-a-century?
While many millennials chose to stay in school to ride out the economic downturn, others are walking a different path as entrepreneurs.
Not #foreveralone: Samantha Burns explains why she's optimistic about love for the millennial generation.
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