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Take Two takes on Super Tuesday

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Jeff Yang, Maz Jobrani and Cenk Uygur
Jeff Yang, Maz Jobrani and Cenk Uygur

With 12 states voting and 1,460 delegates on the line, there's a lot at stake on Super Tuesday. So how do you talk about such a critical moment for the candidates? With a little comedy, of course.

Just months ago, few could have predicted the direction that the race to the White House would take. 

Since announcing his candidacy in August of last year, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has captured the hearts and minds of the majority of young Democrats. 

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush, despite a nine-figure war chest and ample support from party bigwigs, suspended his campaign after a poor showing in South Carolina. 

Real estate mogul Donald Trump struck a chord with disillusioned Republican voters and is now well on his way to the party nomination. 

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who has battled her political past, super PAC money, and an unexpectedly formidable opponent is expected to sound the death knell for the Sanders campaign by mid-March. 

And, just when stakes seemed like they could go no higher, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died unexpectedly at the age of 79. 

To say that there's a lot at stake on Super Tuesday might be an understatement: 12 states cast their votes, and 1460 delegates are on the line. It's a day that could change the course of the election for all candidates involved. 

So, how does one discuss one of the most crucial days in American history? 

Why, comedy, of course. 


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