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Smart gun tech, 3 NFL teams apply to move to LA, El Niño fashions

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 Could new market research be a sign that the NFL is ready to bring a team back to Los Angeles?
Pamela Albin Moore/iStockphoto
Could new market research be a sign that the NFL is ready to bring a team back to Los Angeles?

What smart gun technology means for gun safety, how close is L.A. to having an NFL team, breaking down El Niño fashions to look good and stay dry.

Gun control often comes up during presidential elections, but this year it's likely to stand out for a number of reasons.
Part of President Obama's plan to reduce gun violence involves developing high tech solutions that might provide better ways to track gun ownership and increase safety.
The Chargers, the Raiders and the Rams all filed applications earlier this week to move to the LA area, but that doesn't mean that any of them will get here.
Can a team go back to a market after harsh words were exchanged, the Morris twins temper tantrum, Kendall Marshall's father complains on social media.
Swearing in front of children is generally frowned upon, but is it really that bad to let the occasional curse word slip? A mom and cursing expert weigh in.
The consensus among most observers is that North Korea did not test an H-Bomb yesterday, as they claim they did. Why the skepticism?
Richard Martinez, a father whose son Christopher died in a mass shooting, was originally critical of politicians in the immediate aftermath.
For the majority of Angelenos, rain means worries about windshield wipers, rain gutters, and bad traffic. For homeless people, the concerns are much more dire.
There are a bunch of new gadgets on display at CES, but when you've got a bunch of old electronics sitting around what should you do with them?
SoCal style isn't really built for rainy weather – sundresses and hoodies, sneakers and sandals tend not to hold up well in storms. We've got some advice.
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