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California's cold winter is so far, so good for citrus crops

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Cold Snap Endangers California Citrus Crop
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The drought has meant bad news for California's citrus crops, but the recent cold weather has been beneficial.

Maybe you've noticed: It has been cold here in Southern California.

This is a big deal to us here, of course. The weather made the holidays feel just right, unlike our friends in the northeast, who spent Christmas in shorts and flip flops.

But the weather also matters to California's citrus growers. Bob Blakely is the vice president of California Citrus Mutual, a citrus producers' trade association located just east of Visalia, California. He said the cold has been a good thing.

"It shuts the trees down, and makes them more tolerant to the cold weather, and actually enhances the quality of the fruit. It brings out the natural color, and also brings out the flavor," he said.

But, California's drought has had an impact. With the rain anticipated to continue over the next few months, it could be a game-changer. To find out more, listen to the full interview audio above.

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