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New push to regulate teen residential treatment centers

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Determined people jumping tires on boot camp obstacle course
Sam Edwards/Getty Images/Caiaimage
Jumping tires on boot camp obstacle course

Take Two spoke to the people on both sides of the debate.

Congressman Adam Schiff introduced legislation aimed at regulating the country's residential treatment and "boot camp" programs for troubled teens yesterday. While some facilities successfully treat young people, a federal report from 2008 cites instances of physical and emotional abuse at a number of camps across the country.

The report also revealed that many religiously-affiliated camps still offer gay conversion therapy--a practice already banned in California.

The legislation would hold treatment centers to new federal standards and outlaw discrimination against disabled teens and LGBT youth.

Click the top play button above to hear more about the proposed legislation from Congressman Schiff. The congressman is also joined by treatment camp survivor, Jodi Hobbs.

Click the second play button to hear the response from Megan Stokes, with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs.

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