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Fake Internet diplomas, Mexico farm workers deal, Water expert talks 'Mad Max'

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Photo by Mitchell Joyce via Flickr Creative Commons
Graduation Caps

The scoop on fake Internet diplomas, Mexico's farm workers reach a tentative deal on wages and working conditions, a water expert watches 'Mad Max.'

The schools, which appear real, only exist in stock photos on computer servers.
A new report from the Associated Press' Matthew Perrone finds stem cell therapy is a booming business, but one that's hardly regulated.
Eric Nicholson of the United Farmworkers of America explains the tentative deal reached to boost wages and improve working conditions for Mexico's farm workers.
NASA's chief water expert Jay Famigletti went on a movie date with A Martinez, and said that there's so much 'Mad Max' gets right about the drought's future.
President Obama's new task force that aims to improve relations between the police and the communities that they serve.
Did you see the new Mad Men last night?
Last week we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Griffith Observatory. In that chat we talked about Griffith J. Griffith, the man who donated the whole park to the city of LA.
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