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Doctor won't treat unvaccinated kids, CA gets 5 hockey teams, black cop on his experience

Published February 4, 2015 at 10:13 AM PST
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Photo by Dinur via Flickr Creative Commons

A doctor in Northridge explains why he is not treating unvaccinated kids, a black officer talks about his experience on the beat, five hockey teams head to California.

Dr. Charles Goodman says the response to his ban has been overwhelming, and vaccination appointments at his office are through the roof.
Writer Ann Bauer shares her first person perspective into why mothers in the liberal community where she lived in the 1980s-90s chose not to vaccinate.
Darren Sims is a rookie police officer with the city of San Bernardino, CA. As a black man, he's a minority on the force he serves on, and in the community he serves in.
Has the Patriots' Tom Brady cemented his legacy as the NFL's all-time great QB? The debate rages. And, speaking of legends, should Phil Jackson return to the struggling Lakers?
Already home to three NHL teams, California is set to get even more hockey action, as five farm clubs move to the Golden State.
Since 1999, public schools in California have been measured by a number called the Academic Performance Index, or API. Now, a state commission is recommending the system be replaced with another, more comprehensive method of evaluation.
To get more affordable housing in L.A., Angelenos are going to have to get comfortable with building up. But that doesn't necessarily mean more NYC-like skyscrapers.
There are always low oxygen zones in the interior of the ocean. But these zones are getting bigger, and they aren't so hospitable to most species of sea life.
Bay Area researchers are raising their eye brows at the increased sight of hot pink sea slugs, known as the Hopkin's Rose Nudibranch.
Children's book 'Beekle' secures the 2015 Caldecott Medal for Pasadena author, Dan Santat.
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