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Children who aren't vaccinated, South Korean adoptees, older drivers

Published January 29, 2015 at 8:18 AM PST
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California Tightens Policy For Hybird Drivers Access To Carpool Lanes
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Tracking children who are not vaccinated, experiences of South Korean adoptees who return to their home country, when older drivers should hang up the keys.

A case of measles could be fatal for six-year-old leukemia survivor Rhett Krawitt. Now his father is asking school officials to send unvaccinated kids home.
Over 60 years, more than 200,000 Korean children were adopted overseas, most to U.S. families. Now, many are heading back to their roots.
With the advent of new fantasy sports sites, sports fans are betting and losing tons of money on everything from the NFL to the MLB, all year long.
In response to anti-Islam bus ads, a creative group pasted images of Kamala Khan, or Ms. Marvel, a muslim teenage super hero, over the sides of the ads.
Within a decade a quarter of all drivers in the U. S. will be over 65. Some help on understanding if you, or someone you love, needs to hang up the keys.
All across the country every day, hardcore fantasy sports enthusiasts are still betting on their favorite players -- and not just in pro football.
This week in California politics, Gov. Brown's record-high approval rating and what the Koch brothers's nearly $900 million spending goal for 2016 could mean for CA.
The endangered Chinook salmon will have a much larger release this winter after the majority of eggs and young fish died off during last year's run.
NASA is launching the Soil Moisture Active Passive mission, a new satellite that will help predict droughts by measuring soil moisture all over the earth.
The Sierra Nevada red fox of California is one of the rarest mammals in North America. But, because it's so elusive, not much is known about it.
'The Phone Call' is only 20 minutes long, but is packed with drama and emotion. Writer and director Mat Kirkby joins Take Two to talk about the nomination.
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