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From punk to mariachi: The story of Mariachi El Bronx

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Music video by Mariachi El Bronx performing New Beat. (C) 2014 ATO Records, LLC

Mariachi El Bronx isn't from the Bronx, and they don't have a deep mariachi background. They're a former punk band - and the mariachi community loves them.

If you judged the band Mariachi El Bronx by their name, you might assume that they're likely a group of musicians from the Bronx, who've decided to spend their time covering mariachi - the music of their youth.

You'd be very wrong.

They're from Southern California and are better known as the punk band The Bronx, but as band members Matt Caughthran and Brad Magers explained to A Martinez, this newer iteration of the band lets them experiment with a sound that they always admired - Mariachi music. 

Their latest album came out recently and the two members spoke about their influences, inspirations and what drove them to give mariachi music a try.

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