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How one musician crowdfunded her music career from Kansas

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For years, musician Kawehi struggled to succeed in LA, so eventually she moved to Kansas. That's when things started to change for the better for her career.

"Fake Plastic Trees"

For years, Hawaiian-born artist Kawehi struggled to succeed in the LA music scene, so eventually she moved to Kansas with her husband. Surprisingly, that's when her music career took off.

"Heart-Shaped Box"

She started posting videos of herself covering famous songs with an acoustic guitar, a laptop and loops of her own voice. She even built her audience enough to where they wanted to fund five different musical projects of hers on Kickstarter.

Now, she has a new crowd-funded EP out called "Robot Heart." 

Kawehi recently joined A Martinez in studio to talk about the art of looping, crowdfunding her success and why she took a chance on Kansas. You can hear the full interview at the "Listen Now" icon in the left. 

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