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Banda music thriving in both the US and Mexico

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Banda music is exploding in both Mexico and the US right now and it has to do with a bunch of young artists coming up that are ditching old school rules.

While Banda music has been around for more than a century, it's had a particularly big month in both the United States and Mexico. 

Songs from two U.S. born artists broke into the top 10 on the charts in both countries. One of them, being Quien Se Anima by Gerardo Ortiz.

Quien Se Anima

Ortiz was actually born in Pasadena, but has managed to make a career for himself both in the U.S. an Mexico. Justino Aguila, associate editor of Latin at Billboard joins Take Two to talk about the rise of Banda on both sides of the border, and where it originated. 

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