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LA drivers second most accident-prone in US, says Allstate

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The insurance giant Allstate says LA drivers are the second worst the best in the nation, at least in terms of avoiding collisions.

Drivers in Fort Collins, Colorado should be feeling pretty good about themselves. The insurance giant Allstate says they're the best in the nation, at least in terms of avoiding collisions.

L.A. drivers aren't the worst when it comes to collisions, but we're pretty close:

So what makes car-obsessed Angelenos so accident prone?

"Certainly density of population, the number of cars, are multiple factors that can certainly have an affect on how often we get into a collision," said Allstate communications specialist Jim Klapthor. 

One thing to keep in mind with this list is that Allstate came up with the rankings based on Allstate policy holder claims data. Therefore, it might not reflect the numbers that the police department may have. 

"If you back up into a telephone pole because you're trying to park the car at a neighbor's house in a back alley that you've never been to before, the police don't file a report," said Klapthor. "But if you need a new bumper, you might contact your insurance company. That would show up in Allstate's 'America's Best Drivers Report.'"

See Allstate's full list:

Allstate America's Best Drivers Report®

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