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Mayor Garcetti's Q&A in John's car was almost over... until Hizzoner saw the backgammon game

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A carelessly placed leather-bound game case turned out to be a boon for the veteran radio host, who finally found out how to stop the Mayor's fast-paced schedule.

John Rabe’s last show coincides with Eric Garcetti’s inauguration for his second term as Mayor of Los Angeles. In John's car, the two talked about:

  • The joys of exploring Los Angeles
  • The time the future Mayor's mom and dad took his drivers' license away
  • Where Justin Trudeau should visit when he comes to LA
  • And how the drop in crime has led to more people doing the Off-Ramp thing

The Mayor also did some slam poetry, and then played a competitive game of backgammon. Listen with the audio player to see who was brown and who was white. And listen to Off-Ramp on the radio to find out who won the game! (Saturday at noon/Sunday at 6pm)

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