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The Penultimate Off-Ramp ... and a naked neutered mummy and the Italians who love him

Published June 22, 2017 at 2:00 PM PDT
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Off-Ramp's last producer, Chris Greenspon, arriving at work. (Image: John Rabe)
Off-Ramp's last producer, Chris Greenspon, arriving at work. (Image: John Rabe)

We talk with one of LA’s experts on relics, mummies, crypts, and the way we live with death ... KPCC Science Reporter Matt Bloom looks at the fungal disease killing droves of LA ficus trees ... The amazing career of Ruth Batchelor: one of NPR’s first film critics, founder of the LA Film Critics association, and songwriter for Elvis ... We celebrate the 50th anniversary the Monterey Pop Music Festival ... Chris Greenspon, former intern and freelancer for Off-Ramp, and now its last producer, remembers the first time he ever heard the show.

Officials fear the deadly fungus called botryosphaeria could spread quickly, imperiling an iconic shade tree. Look no further than downtown L.A.
In an Altadena mausoleum, John Rabe and Elizabeth Harper, of the website All the Saints You Should Know, talk about accepting death as a way of living a better life. Harper and Atlas Obscura tour the cathedral July 1.
He was smiling, until he heard singing hippies. “Should I stay?" He asked. He did, because the next piece was Dylan Brody letting his dogs soil his neighbor’s lawn.
Men review almost all movies. Maybe that's why Ruth Batchelor founded LAFCA. Because she lived in that world. She covered it. And then left behind a hidden legacy.
Come to the top of the West's reigning* skyscraper with KPCC's John Rabe and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti. (*If you count the spire.)
In our continuing series of interviews with entertainment legend Lou Adler (conducted by Hollywood historian Alex Ben Block of The Hollywood Reporter), we hear the true roots of the music festival Monterey Pop.
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