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What color are these Muppets? A little blue.

Published June 7, 2017 at 4:26 PM PDT
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John Rabe

Brian Henson pays tribute to his dad Jim's bawdier side in "Puppet Up! Uncensored" ... A new history of "The Twilight Zone" ... A restaurant where you'll be served by our robot overlords ... We talk with the dancing homeless Crenshaw Cowboy by his spaceship ... And rescuing The Formosa Cafe, a piece of Hollywood history. (Photo: Cypress Park. John Rabe)

The original Muppets were aimed at adult audiences, so it's only natural for Henson's 'Puppet Up!" improv show to include a little blue material ... and we don't mean blue felt.
The future is now. The new Gen Korean BBQ in Montclair uses robot technology to bring food to patrons in a couple minutes ... sometimes even less then that.
Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with 1933 Group's Bobby Green about giving the historic Formosa Cafe a new lease on life after it was shuttered this winter.
A concrete tablet in front of a Pasadena McDonald's is probably the oldest thing on that street corner, and it's a long-lost ancestor of the GPS system in your phone.
If you were in William Shatner's place, and nobody else saw the gremlin on the wing, would you start to question your sanity? One Ohio TV critic says you better not.
“The Sky is a Great Space” fills the Hammer gallery from floor to ceiling. It draws you in and sneaks up on you. Look back over your shoulder: there is the unexpected, staring down at you.
A gay bar tour away from the masses at Pride, and a unique LGBT art experience.
In 1915, painter Alexei Jawlensky nick-named aspiring young artist Emilie Esther Scheyer “Galka,” Russian for “jackdaw.” Like her namesake, she spent her life surrounding herself with beautiful things and the people who made them.
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