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An oasis in the Southern California desert: The Institute of Mentalphysics

Published May 24, 2017 at 6:00 AM PDT
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David Lynch, July 2016, Capitol Records, Hollywood.
John Rabe
David Lynch, July 2016, Capitol Records, Hollywood.

A seeker and a famous son build a city in the High Desert: Ding Le Mei and Lloyd Wright's Institute of Mentalphysics ... John rides in the last B-24 ... Jean-Michel Jarre is in town this weekend: go see him. WARNING: This episode has NO Twin Peaks spoilers (David Lynch, 2016, by John Rabe).

Filming "Tiny Dancer" throughout LA makes a lot of sense when you think about the inspiration for the song's lyrics.
What does this immense, immaculate swath of thwarted representation actually represent? Trying to answer that question bears heavily on your mind. And that’s a worthwhile experience.
Explorer and spiritual seeker Ding Le Mai had land and a vision, but needed an architect. Lloyd Wright needed a way to escape dad's shadow. Together they built The Institute of Mentalphysics near Joshua Tree.
It's amazing that nobody has ever done an exhibit of what amounts to the most spectacular pictures of an entire century, granting us immensely enlarged snapshots from 300 years in the past.
Luke Zamperini flies in the last airworthy B-24, the same kind of plane his dad flew in World War 2.
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