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A deep dive on LA history with a member of local "royalty," a real Californio

Published May 3, 2017 at 6:01 AM PDT
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Horsemen at the Lugo adobe in Bell Gardens
LA Public Library Shades of LA Collection
Horsemen at the Lugo adobe in Bell Gardens

An Angeleno family going back 3 generations here is considered ancient; but Theresa Chavez is a real Californio, dating back to 1771 when her family owned an original rancho ... How many Romanian restaurants can you name? Add Parsnip in Highland Park to the short list ... We say TOMATO, they say TOMATL: Adolfo Guzman Lopez helps us explore Nahuatl. (Photo: LA Public Library Shades of LA Collection)

Dan Guerrero remembers Lucy Casado, who died Tuesday at 91, as a politically active "pistol" but also a welcoming, mothering "mamacita" who provided a welcoming space at Lucy's El Adobe Cafe.
We play "Ask a Californio" with Theresa Chavez, whose family moved to LA almost 250 years ago. One of her ancestors, it is said, "could ride from San Diego to Sonoma without once leaving his own land."
Celebrate Free Comic Book Day! The annual tradition is held every first Saturday in May at participating comic book specialty shops.
The jolly big-bellied figure is 67 years old, and for the past 10 years the statue has been the starting point of the Santa to the Sea race.
English has borrowed more than a few words from the ancient language of the Aztecs, including avocado and coyote.
Chef Anca says the food pays tribute to the country's working class: "It's a combination of these stews and braises, things that are kind of making the most with what you have."
He lived nearly a century, overthrew two governors, and gambled $25,000 on a single race. Maybe it isn't surprising that he needed two graves.
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