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Ed Asner, Matt Asner, and their autistic kids

Published April 13, 2017 at 12:46 PM PDT
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John Rabe

We’ll talk with Ed Asner about what his autistic son and grandsons have taught him, and with Matt Asner about Aut-Fest, a film festival for and by people with autism ... We to go Disney Hall and sample the sound during an actual concert from all the performers’ perspectives. Surprise: the people with the best seats … are in the audience. ... Meet Carol Downer of Eagle Rock, a pioneering abortion rights activist who championed a less invasive abortion procedure that could be performed at home, by the woman’s friends ... We hear a tribute to a man who had it made, and gave it all up: writer Roy Battocchio.

Eagle Rock’s Carol Downer developed an abortion procedure — by women, for women — because she got fed up with back-alley horror stories. Now, 44 years after Roe v. Wade, she is concerned it may need to be used again.
SoCal has lots of options for the holiday weekend, whether you want to spend it in a sandy pew, paying it forward, or petting rabbits.
The first ever AutFest happens at the AMC Orange 30 next weekend. Its films are about and by people with autism.
"There is a good deal more here that shows us how Goode keeps returning, and keeps progressing, as he enters his eighties, painting strong. Staying ahead of us."
"It's a comic voice but it's also subversive. When I first read him and there was a feeling of 'Oh, it's funny!'... then I'd go back and reread and think 'Why did I find this funny?' They're actually dark and serious."
Branden Morgan, comedy writer Roy Battocchio's son-in-law, remembers a wise-cracking, loving, creative force.
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