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FilmWeek: ‘Close,’ ‘You People,’ ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ ‘Infinity Pool’ And More

Published January 27, 2023 at 9:37 AM PST
Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel sit on a beach with palm trees and rocks behind them. Lopez sits to Duhamel's left. She wears a white wedding dress, its bottom hem stained with dirt and the left sleeve ripped off. Her hair falls loosely past her shoulders looking tangled and wind blown. Duhamel looks equally disheveled. His white suit blazer with black lapels is blown up so the bottom hem folds over his shoulders. His black bowtie is skewed and his left upper cheek has a cut dried with blood. Lopez and Duhamel hold hands, with Duhamel cupping both his hands around Lopez's right one. They look off into the distance confused and exasperated.
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

FilmWeek: ‘Close,’ ‘You People,’ ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ ‘Infinity Pool’ And More

FW Reviews 1.27.23

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Wade Major and Tim Cogshell review this weekend’s new movie releases in theaters, streaming, and on demand platforms.

Larry Mantle Talks To KPCC’s John Horn About Sundance

John Horn Sundance 1.27.23

The Sundance Film Festival returned in person this year for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak. The festival is known for its showcase of independent films and diverse filmmakers, many of which struck distribution deals with some of the industry’s largest buyers such as Netflix, Apple TV+ and A24 in the festival's first few days.

KPCC’s John Horn joins Larry today to discuss this year's biggest Sundance premieres and the current landscape of independent filmmaking.

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