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FilmWeek: ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water,’ ‘Bardo: False Chronicle of A Handful Of Truths,’ ‘The Quiet Girl’ And More

Published December 16, 2022 at 10:13 AM PST
Sam Worthington and Jamie Flatters stand in a green, tropical forest with tall trees and lush plants. They both have blue skin, pointed ears, and long black hair, signature features of the Na'vi, the native inhabitants of the planet Pandora. Worthington stands behind the shorter and younger Flatters. Flatters holds a bow in his right hand with the strong of the bow and an arrow with leaf feathers in his left. His right arm is extended towards the ground and his left arm is bent as he draws back the arrow, preparing to fire. Worthington holds Flatters' left elbow up, guiding him, teaching him how to aim and shoot. They both look toward the ground where the arrow is aimed.
Courtesy of 20th Century Studios

FilmWeek: ‘Avatar: The Way Of Water,’ ‘Bardo: False Chronicle of A Handful Of Truths,’ ‘The Quiet Girl’ And More

FW Reviews 12.16.22

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Christy Lemire, Peter Rainer and Charles Solomon review this weekend’s new movie releases in theaters, streaming, and on demand platforms.

Larry Mantle’s Interview about HOLLYWOOD: THE ORAL HISTORY

Book Hollywood The Oral History 12.16.22

Since 1969, the American Film Institute in Los Angeles has held a series called the Harold Lloyd Master Seminars, where industry professionals would discuss the trade with AFI students. In the new book ‘Hollywood: The Oral History,’ written by film scholar and professor Jeanine Basinger and film historian Sam Wasson, these recordings are put to page. The book contains stories from over 300 industry professionals ranging from make-up artists to cinematographers, from the silent movie era to contemporary blockbusters. Larry speaks with co-writer Sam Wasson about the process of bringing spoken history to paper and the evolution of Hollywood from its conception to present day.

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