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FilmWeek: ‘She Said,’ ‘The Menu,’ ‘Bones And All’ And More

Published November 18, 2022 at 10:05 AM PST
Carey Mulligan sits left of the frame on top of a long wood table. Her back is towards the viewer as she leans slightly to her right looking across her shoulder at Zoe Kazan who sits right of her. Mulligan's face can be seen in profile, her expression serious and tense. She wears a grey tank tucked into black pants, her right arm braced on the table to help her lean. Zoe Kazan leans over the table to Mulligan's right. Kazan faces the viewers as she looks at Mulligan, her body angled left. Her left arm rests in front of her on the edge of the table while her right arm is propped up on her elbow as she holds a gold colored phone in her hand. It is facing up as if on speaker phone with someone. Kazan wears a navy blue t-shirt. She looks up at Mulligan only with her eyes, she expression is also tense. They women seem to be sharing a knowing look with each other as they listen to whatever is being said on the phone. Behind them are empty rows of black desktop computers and white walls of a newsroom.
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

FilmWeek: ‘She Said,’ ‘The Menu,’ ‘Bones And All’ And More

FW Reviews 11.18.22

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Claudia Puig and Wade Major review this weekend’s new movie releases in theaters, streaming, and on demand platforms.

John Horn’s Interview with Zoe Kazan from ‘She Said’

FW Feature 11.18.22

In 2017, New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey wrote an article about their investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s long history of sexual assaults. Along with Ronan Farrow’s work in the New Yorker, Kantor and Twohey helped launch the Me Too movement. The new film ‘She Said’ chronicles Kantor’s and Twohey’s investigation that eventually led to Weinstein’s 2020 rape conviction in New York, with Carey Mulligan as Twohey and Zoe Kazan as Kantor. KPCC’s John Horn spoke with Kazan about the film and her own history of speaking out against sexual harrassment in Hollywood.

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