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FilmWeek: ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru,’ ‘The Forgiven,’ ‘Accepted’ And Many More

Three minions in disguise as two pilots and a flight attendant enter an airplane terminal through two rotating doors. Behind them, three human flight attendants walk in, with one looking down suspiciously at the minions. In the background, glass wall-to-ceiling windows show the outside of the airplane terminal, with passengers walking about and cars parked in an unloading zone.
Universal Pictures
'Minions: The Rise of Gru'

FilmWeek: ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru,’ ‘The Forgiven,’ ‘Accepted’ And Many More

FilmWeek Reviews 7.1.22

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Lael Loewenstein and Charles Solomon review this weekend’s new movie releases on streaming and on demand platforms.

John Horn’s Interview Director Baz Luhrmann About His New Film ‘Elvis’

John Horn Interview 7.1.22

To many, Baz Luhrmann isn’t just a noted Australian director — he’s an auteur filmmaker. Luhrmann exhibits a certain artistic control over his craft to produce a distinct style that makes his films become more than the sum of their parts. Just think of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ or ‘Moulin Rouge’ or ‘The Great Gatsby.’ From set design, to soundtrack, to costumes Luhrmann puts his eccentric touch on every detail.

Today on FilmWeek, KPCC’s John Horn speaks with Baz Luhrmann about directing ‘Elvis,’ and the unique challenges he faced when recreating famous footage while staying true to his taste. You can hear what our critics Christy Lemire and Andy Klein thought of ‘Elvis’ on last week’s FilmWeek episode, available here or wherever you get your podcasts. Elvis is in wide release.

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