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FilmWeek: ‘Uncharted,’ ‘Kimi,’ ‘The Long Walk’ And More

Published February 18, 2022 at 10:56 AM PST
Tom Holland ;Antonio Banderas
Clay Enos
Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas star in Columbia Pictures' UNCHARTED

FilmWeek: ‘Uncharted,’ ‘Kimi,’ ‘The Long Walk’ And More

FW Reviews 2.18.22

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Amy Nicholson and Peter Rainer review this weekend’s new movie releases on streaming and on demand platforms.

The Personal Connection Yet Universal Story Of Rebecca Hall’s Critically Acclaimed ‘Passing’

FW Rebecca Hall on Passing 2.18.22

Rebecca Hall is known for her acting career, but she recently made her feature directorial debut with the film “Passing.” She also wrote the screenplay, which is adapted from Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel of the same name. It tells the story of two light-skinned Black women and childhood friends living very different adult lives as one lives in a community in Harlem and the other passes as white. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga star in the film. Our own John Horn talked with Hall about her own family’s history with the phenomenon of “Passing” and why telling this story was so important to her. “Passing” is rated PG-13. It’s available on Netflix.

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