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KPCC Will Now Be Known As LAist 89.3. Here’s What You Need To Know About The Rebrand

Published February 7, 2023 at 8:46 AM PST

KPCC Will Now Be Known As LAist 89.3. Here’s What You Need To Know About The Rebrand

LAist Rebrand 2.7.23

For the past two decades, 89.3 KPCC has been L.A.’s National Public Radio station focused on news and talk. But soon you’ll see it (and hear it) under a new label: LAist 89.3.

It’s part of an effort the organization says is intended to address audience confusion and "better communicate cross-platform initiatives." The rebranding creates one name across platforms, encompassing broadcast radio,, and podcasting arm LAist Studios. All are operated by Southern California Public Radio — a member supported non-profit media organization — which purchased the LAist archives in early 2018. Listeners will still hear the “KPCC” radio call letters at the top of the hour (that's an FCC regulation), but expect to hear many more references to "LAist" on-air. The change comes as the traditional radio audience continues to trend downward, a process which accelerated during the pandemic. Although the name is changing, the coverage and dedication to fact-based journalism remains the same. Joining to discuss the rebrand is Herb Scannell, president and CEO of LAist, and Kristen Muller, chief content officer of LAist.

Read more on LAist here and read a full letter from Larry Mantle regarding the name change here  

What If A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hit SoCal? It Could Happen And Here’s What It Would Mean

Turkey Quake in LA 2.7.23

Early Monday morning, those living in and around southern Turkey were awoken by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that pancaked buildings, and resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries. The shaking was so extreme that it was felt as far away as Beirut.

After hours of relentless aftershocks, another massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the area, adding to the destruction. Earthquakes this size are unusual, but not unheard of in the region. This most recent temblor is the largest that’s hit Turkey in decades. And it’s a good reminder that, even though we haven’t seen a Big One in Southern California since the 1800s, we need to be prepared. So what would it really mean if an earthquake of that magnitude hit the region? Joining to discuss is Jacob Margolis, LAist science reporter and host of the podcast “The Big Burn.” .

Read the full story on LAist here 

Socializing At Work -- A Benefit To Workplace Culture Or A Dreaded Annoyance?

Workplace Fun Culture 2.7.23

A lot of companies attempt to bring their employees together for an occasional wholesome good time, whether it be an annual holiday party, monthly lunches or weekly happy hours.

In many ways the pandemic has emphasized the importance of engaging in person. While it may seem like in-person bonding is the best way to enhance workplace culture and engagement, a lot of workers dread these activities. They want to come to work, do their job, and call it a day. Does that mean they're a less engaged or invested employee? Are they docked points for their lack of a "fun" attitude? Joining to discuss is Callum Borchers, columnist for the Wall Street Journal where he writes a weekly, reported column about people's careers and work lives. His latest piece is "You're Good at Your Job, but Are You 'Fun' Enough?

We'll also hear from listeners about their experiences in participating in workplace culture and retreats.

Some LA Officials Question The City’s Unarmed Crisis Response In Wake Of Police Killings

Unarmed Response Audit 2.7.23

In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, the Los Angeles City Council began to work on creating an unarmed crisis response team as an alternative to policing. However, recent deadly encounters with the Los Angeles Police Department have renewed calls for alternatives to traditional policing. Los Angeles City Councilmember Tim McOsker recently introduced a motion to evaluate the unarmed crisis response deployed by the City of Los Angeles to better understand the effectiveness of these programs.

Joining us today on AirTalk is Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Los Angeles City Councilmember for District 8, Miriam Brown, Deputy Director at Department of Mental Health and Jana Lord, Chief Program Officer at Sycamores, a behavioral health agency providing services across Southern California.

Hollywood Bowl Announces Summer 2023 Season Featuring Janet Jackson, The Beach Boys, Gustavo Dudamel And More

Hollywood Bowl Summer 2.7.23

It may still be chilly outside, but fans of the Hollywood Bowl’s summer performance series will be excited to hear that today, the L.A. Phil announced the lineup for the summer 2023 season, which will include an opening night performance on June 10th from Janet Jackson with special guest Ludacris and an appearance from the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, a July 4th fireworks special featuring The Beach Boys with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the two-day Hollywood Bowl Jazz Festival curated by jazz giants Herbie Hancock and Kamasi Washington and of course, Gustavo Dudamel leading the L.A. Phil (with some special guests along the way) in performances of classical music, film scores, and more.

Today on AirTalk, L.A. Philharmonic Chief Content and Engagement Officer Renae Williams Niles is with us to preview some of the highlights from the upcoming Hollywood Bowl Summer 2023 season.

What Do You Think President Biden Should Address In His State Of The Union Speech?

State Of The Union Suggestions 2.7.23

With the State of the Union just hours away, we'll talk to listeners about what they want hear from President Biden. From climate change to inflation to the recent discourse around policing, listeners share what they think President Biden should address tonight.

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