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Record Rainfall In Montecito And Surrounding Areas Prompts Evacuation Order

Published January 10, 2023 at 8:43 AM PST
APU GOMES/AFP via Getty Images
Road workers close the access to the 101 Freeway at Olive Mill Road as a result of San Ysidro Creek overflowing due to heavy rainfall in the area on January 9, 2023, in Montecito, California.

Record Rainfall In Montecito And Surrounding Areas Prompts Evacuation Order

Montecito Evacuations 1.10.2023

The second big storm this month brought a deluge of rain, prompted evacuations and emergency declarations, turned creeks into raging rivers, and sent mud and debris flows onto roadways, forcing numerous closures. On Monday, Caltrans even urged residents to avoid driving altogether, if possible. The entire city of Montecito was placed under an evacuation order on Monday afternoon, as were portions of Carpinteria, Summerland, and Santa Barbara. Montecito was the site of deadly mudslides in 2018.

Joining us today on AirTalk to discuss the evacuation order, emergency response systems and what happens next is Robert Garrova, KPCC/LAist reporter, Christina Favuzzi, public information officer at Montecito Fire, Andy VanSciver, public information officer at Ventura County Fire, and Stephanie O’Neill, independent journalist and former KPCC correspondent who reports for NPR.

With files from LAist. Read the full story here.

The State Of California’s Community Colleges

Community Colleges Intro 1.10.2023

Community colleges across the state have seen a sharp dip in enrollment since the start of the pandemic, with some colleges seeing as much as a 20% drop. Enrollment declines have created financial uncertainty for the system as well. The need for community colleges to be flexible and adaptable is critical, not only as the landscape of higher education changes but also because their student body tends to skew older, meaning they are often prioritizing jobs and family over school.

Joining us Today on AirTalk is KPCC’s new community college reporter, Jackie Orchard and interim chancellor of California Community Colleges, Daisy Gonzales to discuss the state of community colleges and laws that go into effect this year that aim to improve the system.

Where’s Your Family Photo Album? A Look Into Preserving Familial History In The 21st Century

Death of Photo Albums 1.10.2023

If you spent some time at home with your family over the holidays chances are you might have dusted off a few of the old family photo albums and reminisced about years past, cousins you haven’t seen, even grandparents, aunts, or great uncles who are no longer with your family, but created lasting memories nonetheless. Well, as we progress further into the 21st Century the concept of family photo albums is being remixed, from digital scrapbooks to automatic photo albums compiled by your smartphones. How are you keeping the spirit of your family photo albums alive in a more digital era?

Today on AirTalk, we take the time to remember the evolving art of family photo albums. Here to talk about how important family photography is in the modern day is Thomas Allen Harris, Professor in the Practice at Yale’s Film & Media Studies and African American Studies Departments.

SoCal Residents Can Expect Steep Jump To Natural Gas Bills. Here’s Why

Natural Gas Prices Jump 1.10.2023

Natural gas bills across the Southern California region are expected to more than double this winter season. The historic spike, according to major utilities like SoCal Gas and Long Beach Utilities, is due to several factors. A sudden drop in temps across the entire country, California’s persistent drought along with the ongoing war in Ukraine are all playing a part in the spike. So what does California’s erratic weather mean moving forward? And how does President Joe Biden’s commitment to increase American exports of natural gas to Europe impact local utility bills? Plus, what resources are available? Joining to discuss is Lauren Howland, spokesperson for Long Beach Utilities, and Severin Borenstein, professor and faculty director of the Energy Institute at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and member of the California ISO Board of Governors.

COVID-19: XBB Variant Spreads, The Potential End Of The Federal COVID Emergency, And More

COVID Update XBB 1.10.2023

In our continuing series looking at the latest medical research and news on COVID-19, Larry Mantle speaks with Dr. Kimberly Shriner, director of Infectious Disease and Prevention at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.

Topics today include:

Tell Us About The Time You Made A Major Change To Your ‘Look’ And What It Meant To You

New Looks 1.10.2023

Whether we like it or not, our ‘look’ is a significant part of our identities. And the way we present certain aspects of our look can become synonymous with how others identify us as well. That’s why when we shake things up and make a major change, it can be jarring, both for ourselves and others. Today on AirTalk, Jody Armour, author, USC professor of law and friend of the program, joins Larry to talk about a recent change he made to his look. We also hear from listeners about changes they've made to their appearance and how those around them reacted.

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