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First Time In 100 Years: Latest On Speaker Of The House Vote After No Established Winner In First Round Of Congressional Votes

Published January 4, 2023 at 8:49 AM PST
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WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 04: U.S. Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) arrives at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 04, 2023 in Washington, DC. McCarthy failed to achieve the necessary votes to become the new Speaker of the House yesterday and the House of Representatives is scheduled to reconvene today at noon.

First Time In 100 Years: Latest On House Speaker After No Established Winner In First Round Of Congressional Votes

House Speaker Vote Day 2 1.4.2023

The first time in 100 years that a nominee for House speaker could not be decided in its first vote, with GOP congressman Kevin McCarthy garnering support from most House Republicans, but not enough to take the congressional gavel. As it stands, Congress is at a stalemate, with McCarthy at 209 votes and Democratic congressman Hakeem Jefferies with 212 votes. Typically, a member of the House needs 218 votes to become Speaker.

Today on AirTalk, we update you on the latest with Ron Elving, senior Washington editor and correspondent for NPR. Do you have a comment or question about the voting for House Speaker and its hopefuls? Call us at 866-893-5722 or email us at

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The Atmospheric River Continues – What Can We Expect Next?

NPR Atmospheric River 1.4.2023

The National Weather Service says a big storm is making its way through Southern California — bringing heavy rain and cold temperatures Wednesday through Thursday night. It's also likely to bring strong, gusty winds that could reach 30-40 mph, particularly in the deserts and mountains. Forecasters are predicting up to three inches of rain for the coast and valleys, with two to five inches across the mountains. Joining us this morning on AirTalk to discuss the atmospheric river and its implications for Southern California is Eric Boldt, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service, Los Angeles/Oxnard office.

California Storms Provide A Promising Start To The Snowpack. But What To Expect The Rest Of The Year?

2023 First Snow Survey 1.4.2023

The snowpack covering California’s mountains is off to one of its best starts in 40 years, officials announced Tuesday, raising hopes that the drought-stricken state could soon see relief in the spring when the snow melts and begins to refill parched reservoirs. Roughly a third of California’s water each year comes from melted snow in the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range that covers the eastern part of the state.

Tuesday was the first formal snow survey of the winter, statewide snowpack is at 174% of the historical average for this year, the third-best measurement in the past 40 years. Even more snow is expected later this week and over the weekend, giving officials hope for a wet winter the state so desperately needs. But a good start doesn’t guarantee a good finish. Last year, the statewide snowpack was at 160% of average at the first survey. What followed were the three driest months ever recorded in California. That history prompted muted optimism from state officials on Tuesday.

Here to talk about the current snowpack conditions and expectations for 2023 are Michael Anderson, California State Climatologist for the Department of Water Resources and Jay Lund, professor and co-director of the Center for Watershed Sciences at the University of California, Davis. Have concerns over the snowpack? Join the conversation, by calling us at 866-893-5722 or e-mail

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The Notion Of A ‘Best Friend’ May Be A Recent One – How Come?

Best Friends 1.4.2023

You’ve likely used or heard the team “best friend” a lot in your lifetime. But it’s likely that your grandparents and great-grandparents lived during a time when the phenomenon of a “best friend” didn’t exist the way it does today. For many of us, having a “best friend” has felt like a necessity, driven in part by pop culture and new forms of social hierarchy. Best friends can be our lifeline and take on an “us against the world” allure, but they can also be a source of great pain when not reciprocated. Is a best friend a romantic ideal? Or is it a critical part of our emotional needs? Or both? Joining us today on AirTalk is Shasta Nelson, leading expert on friendships and author of the book Frientimacy – How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness.

Latest On Southwest Flights Following Cancellations, Turbulent Winter Travel Season

Southwest Woes 1.4.2023

Travelers who counted on Southwest Airlines to get them home suffered another wave of canceled flights this winter travel season, and as a result customers have seeked reimbursements. This, along with the need to fix these longtime issues for the airline, are turning into mounting costs that the major airline may have to just accept. Yet– what improvements should consumers expect from Southwest and other airlines who are susceptible to these issues? How much work will be required to build back consumer trust in Southwest Airlines?

Today on AirTalk, we talk about the situation Southwest faces following its publicized winter travel season flight cancellations with CNBC airlines reporter Leslie Josephs and Blair Pomeroy, assistant professor of business strategy at the University of Pittsburgh and former aviation strategy consultant for the firm Oliver Wyman.

With files from the Associated Press

Caltech’s Solar Power Prototype Lifts Off, Opening The Door For Space-Based Energy

CALTECH Solar 1.4.2023

A new solar prototype demo launched into orbit from Florida’s Space Coast in a historic launch on Tuesday, marking a potential breakthrough in energy production. The prototype – the Caltech Space Solar Power Demonstrator (SSPD) – will test an ambitious plan to collect sunlight from space and convert it into reliable power on Earth. SSPD entered orbit on Tuesday at 6:55 a.m. after a successful launch aboard a Momentus Vigoride spacecraft on a SpaceX rocket. Now, as the Caltech team prepares to run experiments on SSPD, what might the prototype tell us about the future of space-based energy? Today on AirTalk, we’re joined by Caltech Electrical and Medical Engineering Professor Ali Hajimiri and professor of applied physics and materials science at Caltech Harry Atwater, both are one of the principal investigators of the Space Solar Power Project.

Ask Your Loved Ones These Questions – You’ll Be Surprised What You Learn

Questions We Should Ask Family 1.4.2023

When was the last time you asked your grandma about her childhood bedroom? What about her sibling dynamic growing up, or even her biggest fear? We don’t know as much about our elders as we think we do. But if you learn what to ask (and how to ask it), you’ll discover hidden meaning in the details. In her new book “The Essential Questions,” Elizabeth Keating outlines thirteen open-ended questions to ask our elders to explore our personal histories and nuanced identities. By thinking like an anthropologist, we may learn to see the world through our loved ones’ eyes – if we only take the time to listen. Joining us on AirTalk today to discuss her work is Elizabeth Keating, professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin.

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