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Election Day 2022: Reporters, Registrars Share Updates Live From The Polls

Published November 8, 2022 at 8:45 AM PST
Elly Yu/LAist
Voting center in Boyle Heights

Election Day 2022: Reporters, Registrars Share Updates Live From The Polls

Election Registrar Roundup 11.08.22

Election Day is finally here and KPCC and LAist are your home for coverage of all of the key races in your neighborhood, in California and across the country. Our journalists will be spread out across Southern California all day long covering the returns and what’s happening at polling places, and our newsroom will be working late into the night to bring you

Today on AirTalk, we’ll catch up with KPCC/LAist reporter Elly Yu, who is out visiting polling places around Southern California, and we’ll also get updates local registrars of voters Bob Page (Orange), Rebecca Spencer (Riverside) and Joe Holland (Santa Barbara) on what’s happening in their counties as ballots come in.

A Look At Historical Voting Trends In Los Angeles Communities & How It Can Shape The 2022 Midterms

Voting History 11.08.22

Voting propensity can vary each election cycle, with participation most high during presidential races and some of the lowest being for midterm ballots. These midterms for the city of Los Angeles are unique in that they have a mayoral race that’s been invested in heavily, particularly by candidate Rick Caruso, who’s spent approximately $100 million in campaign advertisements. Those supporting candidate and California Representative Karen Bass have spent over $10 million for her campaign, but endorsements by the likes of former president Barack Obama make this race beg the question of what communities will show up for midterm candidates? What can historical voting trends tell us about how this year’s midterms and the communities that may show up most at the polls?

Today on AirTalk, we dig into these historical trends and analyze how exactly they may take shape this year with Raphe Sonenshein, executive director of the Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at California State University, Los Angeles.

Election Day AMA To Answer Your FAQs ASAP

Voter Game Plan Guide 11.08.22

It’s Election Day 2022, and if you’re a KPCC listener or LAist reader, we know you’re already read in and up to speed on all the races on your ballot because you’ve been glued to the KPCC/LAist Voter Game Plan for the last month. But we are, all of us, human, and sometimes we put important things like voting off until the last minute. It’s OK! We’ve got you covered.

Today on AirTalk, KPCC/LAist Civics & Democracy Engagement Producer Brianna Lee is with us to answer your 11th hour voting questions.

Election Day 2022 Update: Reporters Live From The Polls

Polls Update 11.08.22

We’ll check back in with KPCC/LAist reporter Elly Yu, who is out visiting polling places around Southern California.

Winter Storm This Week Puts Out Fires, Brings Rain & Snow To California

Wet Weather Drought Impact 11.08.22

A new Pacific storm brought snow, rain and wind to California on Monday. It’s the second significant storm this month for the state, which remains deep in drought. The National Weather Service warned of travel difficulties on mountain routes and potential flash flooding from wildfire burn scars. East of the state line, the Reno, Nevada, weather office said the initial impact of the storm was wind. “We can hear the wind roaring outside our NWS building at this time!” the office wrote before dawn. Southern California’s early morning showers were forecast to be followed by heavier precipitation by nighttime and extend into midweek.

Today on AirTalk we discuss the current storm and what it means for the California drought with Jayme Laber, senior service hydrologist at NOAA National Weather Service of Los Angeles in Oxnard; Sean de Guzman, manager of the snow surveys and water supply forecasting unit for the California Department of Water Resources; and Peter Gleick, co-founder & senior fellow at the Pacific Institute, an Oakland-based non-profit research institute addressing global and regional freshwater issues.

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New Book Discusses The Lead-Up To Retirement & How To Make The Most Of It

Steve Lopez Retirement Book 11.08.22

The new book “Independence Day: What I Learned About Retirement From Some Who’ve Done It and Some Who Never Will” gets into author Steve Lopez’s journey into retirement. Having spoken to a cast of our characters, including American filmmaker Mel Brooks, to get a solid understanding of what it means to retire.

Today on AirTalk, Los Angeles Times Columnist Steve Lopez joins Larry to talk about his new book and what he learned from the many retirees he spoke to while researching his book -- from those who retired and are thrilled they did, to those who retired and are now second-guessing and everyone in between.

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