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Natural Disasters Coast-To-Coast: Checking In On NorCal’s Fires And Flooding In New York City And New Jersey

TOM BRENNER/AFP via Getty Images
Members of the New Market Volunteer Fire Company perform a secondary search during an evacuation effort following a flash flood, as Tropical Storm Henri makes landfall, in Helmetta, New Jersey, on August 22, 2021.

COVID-19 AMA: FDA Weighing Moderna Booster, WHO Monitors New ‘Mu’ Variant And More

Covid Update (9/2/21)

In our continuing series looking at the latest medical research and news on COVID-19, Larry Mantle speaks with Dr. Paul Adamson, infectious diseases physician and clinical instructor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Topics today include:

  • WSJ reports FDA weighing dose of Moderna COVID-19 booster
  • When will the Delta surge end?
  • Use of antiparasitic drug ivermectin against COVID-19 prompts warnings
  • WHO says it is monitoring a new Covid variant called ‘mu’
  • Breakthrough infections are less likely to lead to long COVID-19, a study suggests
    • NYT: Worried about breakthrough infections? Here’s how to navigate this phase of the pandemic
  • New study shows increase in COVID-19 cases among vaccinated UCSD healthcare workers, suggests reduced vaccine effectiveness against delta variant
  • Outbreak in Marin County school associated with an unvaccinated teacher spreading to half the students
  • Vox: Why can’t America fix it’s COVID-19 testing problems?
  • Parents of kids under 12 who aren’t eligible for vaccine face tough choices as school starts

As The Pandemic Roils, We Hear From Listeners In Hollywood About The Current Production Boom

Hollywood Covid Check In (9/2/21)

Hollywood production is at higher levels now than before the pandemic in 2019. But production companies are having a hard time finding crew members, says Anousha Sakoui, an entertainment industry reporter at the LA Times covering the business of Hollywood and labor issues in media.

“The big boom we’re seeing was caused by a backlog of production, but also the rise of more streaming services,” she says. When production first came back online, safety was top of mind. Production companies pushed for frequent, sometimes daily testing, actor-only areas, tons of access to sanitation, and fewer hours on set. With the vaccine rollout, many of these guidelines loosened, and people were eager to get back on set. Recent Covid surges have done little to slow this massive demand, but the Delta variant may change that. Meanwhile, some industry workers who feel overworked or fear for their safety are afraid to speak out. “There’s so much competition in this industry, and once people get in, they don’t want to rock the boat,” Sakoui says. Today on Airtalk, we’re talking to listeners who work in the entertainment industry about what production is like during the pandemic, Larry also discusses with LA times reporter Anousha Sakoui.

Natural Disasters Coast-To-Coast: Checking In On NorCal’s Fires And Flooding In New York City And New Jersey

Natural Disasters (9/2/21)

A stunned U.S. East Coast woke up Thursday to a rising death toll, surging rivers and destruction from the remnants of Hurricane Ida, which walloped the region with record-breaking rain days after hitting the Gulf Coast as one of the strongest hurricanes on record to strike the U.S.
In a region that hadn’t expected a serious blow from the no-longer-hurricane, the storm killed at least 18 people from Maryland to New York on Wednesday night as basement apartments suddenly filled with water, rivers and creeks swelled to record levels and roadways turned into car-swallowing canals.
Meanwhile, the Caldor Fire continues to rage in Northern California and has moved into Nevada, though winds have calmed over the fire and firefighters expect to make progress in the coming days.
Today on AirTalk, Larry discusses with Scott Rodd, state government reporter for CapRadio who has been reporting on the Caldor Fire; Jesus Jiménez, breaking news reporter from the New York Times who has been reporting on the storm and its aftermath; and Robert Jimison, producer for the New York Times podcast, The Daily. Questions? Give us a call at 866-893-5722.

Recall 101: Interview With Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Kiley

Recall 101 Kevin Kiley (9.2.21)

The race to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom has attracted dozens of candidates, including Republican state assemblymember Kevin Kiley. Kiley has represented the suburbs northeast of Sacramento in the state legislature since 2017. The 36-year-old former teacher and state prosecutor wasn’t well known outside his district before the pandemic, but now he’s gained supporters for his criticisms of the state’s handling of the Covid-19 response, and his lawsuit to rein in Governor Newsom’s emergency pandemic powers (the lawsuit was blocked in court). Today on AirTalk, Larry speaks with state Assemblymember Kevin Kiley about why he’s running in the recall, what he’d do differently with the pandemic, and how he’d handle the state’s most pressing issues from homelessness to education to climate change.

Open Phones: How Has the Pandemic Affected Your Dating Routine?

Open Phones Pandemic Dating (9/2/21)

This was supposed to be “hot vax summer” but the surging Delta variant and rising cases seemed to pump the brakes on romance. A recent piece in The New York Times explored the current pandemic dating climate, and why people appear to be taking their re-entry into the dating scene more slowly than many predicted. The reasons vary: some people are more interested in monogamy than casual flings after 18 months of concerned about catching Covid from their dates, while it’s made others more interested in monogamy than casual flings. Meanwhile some dating apps are trying to make users feel more comfortable: Bumble allows daters to add an “I’m vaccinated” badge to their profile. Has the pandemic changed how you date? We want to hear from you! Give us a call at 866-893-5722, email us at, or comment on the AirTalk Facebook or Twitter pages.

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