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What? Really? Amazon wants to deliver packages to your car’s trunk

BERLIN, GERMANY - JULY 16:  The trunk capacity of a Smart ForFour car is seen at the presentation of the latest models of Daimler's two-seater ForTwo and four-seater ForFour Smart cars on July 16, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Smart, whose sales fell 10 percent to 46,816 in first half of the year, says that the ForFour will be aimed at young people who would prefer more space than that of the ForTwo. Both cars will be built at the Renault factory in Slovenia.  (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)
Adam Berry/Getty Images
Amazon is in talks with Phrame, a startup that makes "smart" license plates, to develop a system where packages are delivered directly into your car's trunk.

File this idea under the category of “what could possibly go wrong."

File this idea under the category of “what could possibly go wrong." Amazon is apparently in talks with a startup to deliver packages to the trunk of your car and the inside of your home – while you are not there.

Amazon, of course, also floated the idea of using drones to deliver packages. The company tested the concept last year, which was met with obvious challenges.

The world of tech is about taking seemingly unfathomable ideas and making them indispensable to everyday life. Amazon, after all, has revolutionized commerce. But the line between innovation and dumb is fine. Remember the spectacular rise and fall of Juicero, the $400 internet-connected juicer?

What are some of the dumbest tech ideas you have heard? What seemingly dumb tech ideas that have actually succeeded?


Edmund Lee, managing editor of Recode, a technology media news site; he tweets @edmundlee

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